Born from a sacred plant, a remarkable paradox
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In pre-Spanish Mexico, experimentation with a sacred plant called maguey (agave) led the first mezcaleros to a curious discovery.

The Story

Born from the traditions of two legendary mezcaleros, Mezcal Creyente® Joven is a blend of two extraordinary mezcals from the Oaxaca, Mexico regions of Sierra Sur and Valles Centrales, creating a perfect union and a mezcal that you simply have to taste to believe.

The Blend

A Remarkable Union

Creyente®Mezcal Joven is the union of 100% Espadín agave from Oaxaca, Mexico harvested from the rich soils of Sierra Sur and wild, mountainous terrain of Valles Centrales.
Sierra Sur
Sierra Sur

A mountainous region in the southwest of Oaxaca, known for its natural resources and rich, bountiful volcanic soils.

Valles Centrales
Valles Centrales

A set of three river valleys in the state of Oaxaca, with the ideal temperate climate and diverse ecosystem for our rare agaves to grow to maturity.

Our Hybrid Animal

An Extraordinary New Creature

The full body of this mezcal blend is symbolized by the elusive jaguar.
The overarching smoky mesquite wood flavor is represented by the Golden Eagle of Mexico.
Sweet hints of fruit, and light herbal notes are embodied by the nimble legs of the antelope.
Mezcal Fact #3

Mezcal's production is still very traditional, with recipes passed down through generations and produced without electricity.


A Curious Alchemy

Our history has led us to this: a velvety smooth mezcal rich with layers of complexity.

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